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Where is my license code?

Our software does not use license codes. Instead, we employ "online activation" using only your e-mail address. Read the remainder of this help page for more information.

Downloading the Software and Purchasing a License

Purchasing this software unlocks any limitations in the trial and prevents the application from expiring after fifteen days. Supporting shareware is the best way to encourage continued development.

Our products come in a variety of different licenses to suit everyone's individual needs. The description of all of the different license types is available in this online help. Additionally, pricing for each product can be found on their respective product pages. For reduced student pricing, please Contact Support.

  1. Visit page for the program via the "Products" tab on our web site.
  2. Download and install the trial edition of the program by clicking the Download button.
  3. Access our online store with your web browser.
  4. Choose the program, license, and method of payment from the popup menus.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Enter your name, credit card information and address (this is a secure site).
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions from the payment processor and complete your order.
  8. Activate (register) the product using your e-mail address (see instructions elsewhere in this documentation).

After order approval (which may be anywhere from instant to up to a week, depending on the order process chosen), two messages will be sent to the e-mail address used during the transaction.

The first is the receipt from the processor (Kagi, PayPal, RegNow, and so forth). The second will be from us notifying you the licenses have been entered into your account. Keep both of these for your records.

If an e-mail from or is not received within one week of order approval, login to the account page on our web site with the e-mail address used during purchase. All licenses attributed with the account are shown under the Licenses area.

Activating a Product (Registering)

When a purchase for a software title is made on our web site, an e-mail containing your purchase record is sent out within a few business days. Usually, however, it is instant. If you have not received this e-mail, and your purchase does not show up in the "Licenses" section of your customer account, please Contact Support. If you have lost your password for your account, you can also reset it on the customer account page.

On Mac OS X On Windows
EnterCode.png EnterCodeWin.png

In the following window, click "Activate this product now" and enter the Buyer E-Mail (either assigned automatically or specified yourself during purchase). Then, click the Activate button. If this fails, you may be asked to activate manually. Manual activation is only available in older versions of our products and has been removed due to a high level of abuse. To activate without an internet connection in the current version, you will need to obtain a pre-licensed preferences file from one of our agents. Before doing so and before contacting support, please read the following:

  • If you are being asked for a "License Code" as well as a "Buyer E-Mail" instead of just your Buyer E-Mail, you are using an outdated version and should download the latest version from our web site.
  • Ensure you are running the latest version of our software as older versions may have trouble activating online.
  • You may be attempting to license a newer version of the software than the licenses in your account currently allow. Please ensure the licenses we have on file for you are up to date, and if not, see the upgrades form for a free or paid upgrade, depending on when your original purchase was made.
  • It is also possible that the e-mail address you are using to register the software was not the same one as specified during purchase. This may be your PayPal address, if PayPal was used. If you do not remember the e-mail address used during purchase, we can look it up for you using your first and last name (as well as your method of purchase).
  • However, we cannot give out account information without verifying your identity. You can, regardless, login to your account yourself if you still have access to your e-mail account and verify you have a license associated with that account. To verify your identity we require one of the following peices of ID:
    1. Scan of Photo ID
    2. Transaction ID, Date of Purchase, and Full Name on receipt
    3. E-Mail sent from the account on file requesting the license information.
    4. Full postal address on the account.
  • You may be trying to register using your personal e-mail address when in-fact your purchase was made through a special promotion and you were assigned a customized Buyer E-Mail. One such example is the TechTracker Pro/MacFixIt promotion where buyers were assigned Buyer E-Mails.

Will I Receive a Disc in the Mail?

With the exception of our Software CD, all software products are digital downloads only. You will not receive a disc or receipt in the mail. Please save your receipt from the processor (ie. Kagi, PayPal, RegNow) that you paid with as proof of purchase incase it is required at later date.

Giving a License Away to Someone Else (Gifting)

What you do...

  • Login to your customer account
  • Click Pickup Codes on the sidebar
  • Click the "Create a Pickup Code" button next to the order you wish to gift
  • The page will refresh and display a pickup code. Give this code to the receiving person.

What the receiver does...

  • Create a customer account, or log into an existing account.
  • Click "Pickup Codes" on the sidebar.
  • Enter the code in the "Enter a Pickup Code" field and click "Claim Code"
  • A logout & re-login may be required to display the updated license information in the customer's account.

Differences Between License Types

Our products come in a variety of different licenses to suit everyone's individual needs. For special student pricing and ordering, please Contact Support.

  • Single-user or One Computer
    • Intended Use: 1 User/1 Computer
    • Maximum Installations on Different Computers per Year: 5
    • Purchaser may install on multiple machines, if they are the sole user. Alternatively, this license may be used for multiple users on one computer.
  • Student
    • Intended Use: 1 User/1 Computer
    • Maximum Installations on Different Computers per Year: 5
    • Purchaser may install on one machine for one user.
  • Family Pack
    • Intended Use: 5 Users/5 Computers
    • Maximum Installations on Different Computers per Year: 15
    • May be installed on each user account, or each computer, for every member of your nuclear (immediate) family.
  • Educational Institution
    • Intended Use: 90 Users/90 Computers
    • Maximum Installations on Different Computers per Year: 270
    • Ideal for 3 computer labs of 30 computers each. Additional licenses may be used in other schools in the same district. Restricted to use for computers on school property. Licenses may not be given to staff or students for home use.
  • Business
    • Intended Use: 150 Users/150 Computers
    • Maximum Installations on Different Computers per Year: 450
    • Intended for a medium-sized business. The license may be installed on 150 computers, or under 150 user accounts. Restricted to use for computers on business property. Licenses may not be given to employees for home use.
  • World
    • Intended Use: 300 Users/300 Computers
    • Maximum Installations on Different Computers per Year: 900
    • Intended for a large-scale business. The license may be installed on 300 computers, or under 300 user accounts. Restricted to use for computers on business property. Licenses may not be given to employees for home use.

Online Activation Concerns if We Go Out of Business

In the highly unlikely event that Koingo Software goes out of business and is not sold to another organization, we will e-mail a press release to our customers containing a special "Super User" activation e-mail address. If this e-mail address is entered in any one of our products in the Online Activation field, it will skip contacting our servers (which will likely be offline), and immediately register the software without using any internet access at all.

We realize this will mean anyone will be able to register our software, regardless if they did own a license; however, if we're out of business, it won't matter much!

If Koingo Software sells a product to another company, Koingo Software will allow you to continue activating the last Koingo version of the program from us; however, we will most likely no longer offer the product for download from our web site. Please keep a copy on your local computer.

If Koingo Software is sold to another business, Koingo Software will require the buying company to honor the ability for customers to activate the last Koingo edition of the software — or another equally fair compromise. However, we are not able to guarantee a free upgrades policy for software titles released by this new business.

Software Has Become Unlicensed Automatically

Our software titles come with a free 15-day trial. After this period, the application will no longer permit use until it is activated. Please support continued development of the title by purchasing a license.

If you already own a license to the title and are getting this message, it may mean one of two things. The first is that you may simply need to re-activate using your email, or you recently updated the program and need to re-activate using your email ( this will not use up one of your activations unless you are activating the product on a different machine).

The second is that this new version may require a paid upgrade. Upgrades are often only $9.95 and provide us with the continued ability to develop the product. To upgrade, choose "Upgrades" from the Store link on our web site, and follow the directions.

Are upgrades free?

Koingo Software is a full-time shareware development business run by a staff of skilled individuals. Unfortunately, running our business is not free. We must buy licenses to software, pay our employees, and pay bills for services like the majority of the larger software developers.

To cover development costs and leave room for growth, we occasionally charge upgrade fees for products. Upgrades are always free if you had purchased a retail copy of the previous version within the past six months. Also, if you own the Software CD or Utility Package Pro, upgrades are free. However, for everyone before the six month cut-off period or those with a promotional copy, a small upgrade fee is required.

In the entire history of Koingo Software, we have never charged for a program update more than once in any given year. Also, any upgrade licenses before 2006 have been converted into full licenses. Lastly, any users who purchased our products through special promotions before 2006 have been granted a free lifetime Utility Package Pro, as well as for users who had donated when we had links on our web site.

Are licenses valid for both the Mac & PC version?

Nothing detailed — just simply: Yes!